Healing by Franc put in an animal-focused tender to run the Carlow/Kilkenny Dog Shelter and Dog Warden Services, using principles of care, rehabilitation, rehoming and resettlement support. To find out more and sign the petition, click here.


What we provide at Harmony Hall:

1. Healing and Counseling

"My life is more tranquil; the chaos has been removed and I am learning to become an absolute expression of who I am." "Clearing has helped me to remove beliefs, attitudes and drama from my life. I now stay calm in situations that would previously shake me."

2. Advocacy

For example support with bullying and navigating through legal and personal problems.

"Frances' unbelievable natural compassion makes the journey 10 times easier"

"I didn't want to take the conventional route and you helped me do it my way."

3. Harmony Hall B&B, a space to reflect and rebuild

"Highly recommend this retreat as a nourishing place to be"

"It had a really great effect on all of us"

4. Vegan Haven, holidays and breaks

"Frances and Jani were fantastic hosts. They were warm, welcoming, funny, and incredible cooks"

"Thanks for letting us bring our little dog!"

5. Workshops to facilitate families & individuals transitioning to a vegan life.

"It was brilliant to come and make bread and vegan versions of everything else we eat, as a family"

"Thanks for the first week's frozen meals and supplies."

6. Group Healing Workshops

"I learned how to clear myself, others, houses, work and absolutely anything"

7. Home clearing

"The first time I had the house cleared marked a transformational time in my life."

"Thank you, health and finances quickly improved"

"I would absolutely recommend a session with Frances to anyone for any reason, no matter how big or small, the benefits are infinite."

Click here to see Franc's 12-minute video tutorial on clearing


Ceramic Pendulums

Healing Art

Frances Micklem

Frances Micklem has a first class degree in scholastic and analytical philosophy. She comes from a family of theologians and medical practitioners. Qualifications and work as a social worker have been relevant in developing her skills as a powerful advocate. She has been offering energetic medicine for people, places and animals around Ireland since 2004. In 2011, she visited all 32 counties with her horse and cleared the environment and karma.

Broadcasting: Healing From Harmony Hall every Saturday at 4pm GMT



Book now available, in paperback or by PDF download: How to Live as One, a Complete Guide to Healing Yourself by Frances Micklem

"I love this book,'a guide to releasing negativity' it certainly is. Smartly written and with humour I think it will be beside my bed for the foreseeable future. It is probably what my Catholic religion was teaching me but without the tyranny of Dogma. Thanks a lot, Frances."
Yvonne , Kilkenny.

Price €10.
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Listen to Frances' radio show

Healing From Harmony Hall on Saturdays at 4pm

New Directions on Thursdays at 10pm

Autumn Workshops at Harmony Hall

Mondays - Energy Clearing Using Divining - €50

Wednesdays - Space Clearing Using Divining - €50

Fridays - Music lessons day-time & Open Mic night and Vegan Refreshments evening-time.

Mondays Ongoing - Intergalactic Consciousness Group