Franc Micklem was born 10th October 1970 in Oxford, England. Educated at Queen's University Belfast, she got a First in Philosophy (Maths) and Scholastic Philosophy (Theology) She was told by her professor that she could achieve something special through her powers of independent thought and lightness of touch with complex subjects.

This took tangible form through four years in Social Work, running a resettlement project for homeless and people with dementia for which she received many accolades.

Living full time in Kilkenny for the last 10 years, her work led her initially to run Foulksrath Castle in Kilkenny and explore the history and legends. This interest in old sites and introducing thousands of visitors to the links between traditional symbols and their resurgence in present day Irish Architecture brought her to build a sacred geometric house designed by leading eco-architect Michael Rice. This space has enabled her distant healing work to take place for clients all over the world.

She says 'I am fortunate to have a house that acts as a doorway to all spaces for all people. I can create a lamina flow (a turbulence free path) through the darkest of regions and difficult of households from here.'

Franc also holds a Pianist's Performance Diploma from the Royal Victoria College of Music in London and has played for the Kilkenny Academy of Dance ballet school as well as recitals at The East Anglia Festival.

She says of her work. Healing is an interesting path towards identifying what information you're meetiing with in others and in the environment. To help me distinguish what's happening and causing problems I stay very healthy myself. Using the training and study of Hsingi Kung Fu I work with many new ways of channelling energy and transmuting elements, like traces of metals and water, trapped in the body. I also ride my dressage horse nearly every day.

When people book a healing for themselves, home or animals I initially use the energy clearing method. The pendulum can guide to the heart of the matter and the dowsing rod can show how close you are coming to resolution!