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Matt and Nuala Ronan, owners of Evolve, a natural health food shop on its 20th anniversary. They join Frances to talk about how they have conceived, developed and just now launched the first natural food supplement to aid fertility. They share their insight and knowledge of natural self healing, holistic living and organic production. Two great characters who are living well and helping others do the same.

JP Ryan is the amazing songwriter & musician who balances his creative life with epic feats of physical strength, in competition. He is well aware of the health benefits of both and serves as an inspiration to everyone he meets. Distance healing includes grief, the dismantling of the love and loss dynamic and achieving a wonderful and successful balance between fitness, business life and creative expression.

Healing From Harmony Hall, talking to the great nature lover, Susi Burton Allen about the Susi Allen Road Trip, where she and Frances visited all 32 counties of Ireland with their horses, to raise funds for animal welfare and about the inner journey from closed and tense to positive and purposeful. Susi is a great storyteller and refreshingly candid. They come to the conclusion that we can and we must stop the electricity pylons being proposed for the Blackstairs Mountains and all across Ireland! A very funny discussion! Distance healing includes bringing the audience from disempowered and overpowered to empowered.

Frances interviews #AnthonyAuffret, an experienced salsa teacher who many have followed all over Ireland and Europe to take part in his classes, including Frances. The furthest afield being a 5 day, 5 star Salsa Congress in Marakesh! Anthony will share his understanding on how he develops self expression for both men as leaders and women as followers, on the dance floor! to the sound of the Clave. Distance healing for men and women to embody synergy in movement and all energy fields.

Introducing my colleague and friend Michelle O Donoghue, who’s brainchild is the programme of retreats for therapists in February, March and April of next year. Where I concentrate on energetic detoxification, she is in charge of body work! We work together to support many psychotherapists and other therapists in training, to make up their CPD (Continued Professional Development). As we offer the hours of personal therapy and support required, I will enjoy interviewing Michelle on her ‘no pain, no gain’ philosophy, which I am sure she will dispute! She will hopefully make up for her deep massage approach by giving us a profound meditation on the journey of life. Distance healing included for healing body and mind through letting go.

Meeting Richard Cook on my show today, is like a cascade of information, flowing from years of experience at NASA and within the financial banking system. Even after all that, he has reached a parallel vision to ours; we are all connected, there are enough resources to sustain everyone on planet Earth, if we take the power back from the greedy, and our method should be to recognize the divine within ourselves. He grounds this philosophy in the mathematical precision of the planets' movements and the infinity of galaxies and the consequent infinity present in everything. Distance healing includes going from victim and martyr to courage and confidence to change the new world order control dynamics.

Margaret Denmead definitive oracle on changing your life, works in Co. Tipperary and remotely on Skype as a hypnotherapist and cognitive therapist. She shares her understanding, life adventures and musical brilliance. Distance healing includes clearing anxiety.

Frances Micklem interviews Michael Rice - the brilliant bio architect of Harmony Hall and he shares great insights from his men's seminars, about men and women and how that combination might just still all work out!! Michael Rice was recommended as the leading eco architect in Ireland. He designed a building within which every room, in shape and relationship to the other rooms, resonated the very best designs of Nature herself. The golden spiral, the eye-shape, each contributes to the healing of the heart and body. Being at Harmony Hall, for a personal healing, a business meeting or even as a bed and breakfast guest, literally accesses your ability to go beyond black and white ideas. Michael Rice makes places where people can thrive and expand their awareness and acceptance; two key health-giving dynamics!

Tuning in from my sacred geometry retreat, Harmony Hall, in Kilkenny, Ireland, Frances Micklem introduces listeners to the wonderful and diverse world of energy fields. This is the second part of the audio book format, including distance healing for fear and grief.

Tuning in from her sacred geometry retreat, Harmony Hall, in Kilkenny, Ireland, Frances Micklem introduces listeners to the wonderful and diverse world of energy fields. Recorded mainly as an audio book of her book How To Live As One. This show included distance healings of the existential problems of inevitability and soul loss that affect everyone. The photos are Anthony Auffret - face only JP Ryan with the guitar Susi Allen with me and the horse lorry