Case Studies -

Work carried out with individuals, homes, businesses and residentials


Practitioners including a GP, hospital doctors and nurses, kinesiologists, reiki, acupuncturists, massage therapists and 3 fully staffed spas. In addition to the stress or symptoms people presented, a major amount of pain, fear and personal information was passing through their energetic fields daily.

Taught a simple daily process of clearing themselves and the treatment rooms and ensuring they were clear. Developed their abilities to perceive subtle energies emanating from others and not identify with them. Healing included building self regard and practices to put themselves into their schedule of who will receive their energy on any given day.

Personal Fear

Woman in her 30s facing her driving test for the fourth time. She was incapacitated by the inevitability of failing it again and thought she was not equipped to deal with the fear that arose in exams. She said that was just what she was like and it would always limit her success.

We cleared the emotional charge around her first related memories and released their hold on her as a strong trigger. After one session, she passed her exam and her confidence also grew in other areas.

Woman in her 20s having panic attacks, working at a full time job where they wanted to give her more responsibility and promotion. Doing advanced accountancy exams in the evenings.

Identified a harsh emotional climate at work, related to abuse and environmental factors including industrial machinery. Over the course of a year, raised awareness of family parallels and how to clear the impact of the past and ongoing negativity. Held a space of clarity and competence, from a distance, on the day of each exam. Synchronicity increased incrementally and her speciality questions came up and miraculously whole areas that she felt weak in were not even on the exam paper. She realized how consistently we create our own reality. Supported her successful transition to self employment.


A married man in his 30s was wracked with guilt having been unfaithful. His wife had forgiven him and understood the circumstances but he could not forgive himself. Identified that guilt is an ongoing judgement that takes the good out of all experience even before anyone has done anything concrete to warrant it. By releasing attachments to old ideas about who he was and how he had betrayed and alienated himself from that sense of self, he was reconnected with his own authenticity and integrity.

An estranged couple with 2 small children in an old house with some strange sounds day and night. Cleared the spiritual disturbance. Released the couple’s individual relationship history. The husband had already been married once but not been able to relate to his wife when the children came along. The same pattern of isolation and conflict was happening with his new young family. The outcome was the couple are happy to share a room again and several unprecedented family outings had gone well.

Space Clearing

Three houses in Laois with problematic poltergeist and other spiritual disturbances.

Houses in every county with geopathic stress - gamma radiation, microwave energy, and eletromagnetic stress.

Farms and homes with underground water, stagnating the land and in some cases causing depression and or bankruptcy.


Accountants, Refuges, Car Dealerships and many other businesses cleared to achieve better productivity and conflict resolution and team building for staff.