Harmony Hall in Kilkenny, Ireland

Raw Organic Vegan Food
the norm rather than the exception!

Meals on Wheels Service – so far available in the Kilkenny Area For the well but busy, the unwell and agents of positive change.

Menus and reviews.

Raw - Vitamin profile & enzymes of all ingredients remain intact and available to the body because the dishes are not heated beyond 40 degrees.

 Vegan - No animal products: free from meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey and palm oil. Only use of animals is as moral support and motivation to launch the brand and provide a crucial alternative food industry.

 Organic - No chemicals used in fertilizer, pest or weed control, cleaning or preservation – and bear in mind that everything that is not organic has been sprayed at every juncture.

 Locally sourced - Irish nuts, grains, seeds, vegetables and fruit – but we have yet to source good Irish lemons and coconuts! We do what we can and look towards the future for full certification!

 Sustainable - Mindful use of water in production. Less electricity used by not using ovens. Re-use of cartons for local customers. When products go on sale in the shops, packaging will be card rather than plastic. ,

 Gluten free and sugar free - No flours or processed sugars are used in the crusts and bases of our sweet or savoury lunches

 Home made – All recipes developed by Frances Micklem of Healing by Franc

Energy Medicine

Space Clearing – Environmental problems and traces of trauma, from your home

Personal healing – Clearing the burdens of the past and anxieties of the future.

Card readings – Reviews for time spent and activities at Harmony Hall

Workshops – How To Use The Pendulum and Dowsing Rod for energy clearing

Book – How To Live As One, my book on identifying what to heal for a happy life.

Working with Nature, Sacred Geometry, the art of Divining and Intuition

Lady Gardener

Would you like help weeding and deadheading your herbaceous borders for winter but do not want a man that you do not know, coming to your garden?

Would you like help getting a vegetable patch or greenhouse organized and cleaned for an organic harvest next year, free of pests and diseases but also free of chemicals?

Qualified in Horticulture, and character references are also available.

Essay Writing

Would you like to do well in your studies as a mature student but find the essay writing and editing challenging? This is my specialty – writing, on any topic, for all academic levels.

References and booking also possible on First Tutors



Are you a yoga teacher, musician, artist, chef, healer, looking for an acoustic-designed, sacred geometry venue to deliver your programme? Or would you like to attend workshops in vegan cooking, organic growing, healing, piano, meditation or a conscious awareness support group?

Musicians JP Ryan, Suzanne Jarvie, Kate Fenner, Chris Brown, Tony Scherr, Fionntain and David Corley, amongst others, have played at Harmony Hall. Piano lessons on the baby grand are available all year round, for those who have always wanted to learn.

Paintings on Saatchi Art





Book now available, in paperback or by PDF download: How to Live as One, a Complete Guide to Healing Yourself by Frances Micklem

"I love this book,'a guide to releasing negativity' it certainly is. Smartly written and with humour I think it will be beside my bed for the foreseeable future. It is probably what my Catholic religion was teaching me but without the tyranny of Dogma. Thanks a lot, Frances."
Yvonne , Kilkenny.

Price €10.
Click the button to buy with Paypal. The publication will be sent to your email address by PDF. Also available as a hard copy for €11 to cover postage.

Also available on Amazon

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Listen to Frances' radio show

Healing From Harmony Hall on Saturdays at 4pm

New Directions on Thursdays at 10pm

Referendum For Animals

Frances Micklem has proposed, to government, An Animal Referendum for Ireland. This is in order to find out the changes ordinary people would like to see in the provision of care to animals.

She welcomed positive early responses from TD Clare Daly and TD Maureen O'Sullivan and it is outlined at the link below.


Workshops at Harmony Hall

Mondays - Energy Clearing Using Divining - €50

Wednesdays - Space Clearing Using Divining - €50

Fridays - Music lessons day-time & Open Mic night and Vegan Refreshments evening-time.

Mondays Ongoing - Intergalactic Consciousness Group