Business Clearing

This usually takes a day or can take place over a few weeks. A programme is agreed whereby a particular team, part of the building or pressing issue is approached at a time. This is a catalyst for change and problems like time-management and conflict fall away. I have undertaken considerable visioning and strategic work with teams in economic, health management and social work spheres.


Premises Clearing €120   Plus travel costs.


Distance Clearing €100 

Please send a map (hand drawn is fine, it doesn’t need to be to scale) with a list of the names of the staff, in the message box on the bookings page or with a cheque to the postal address below and note any particular problems you’d like me to address. I will tune in to the space and return the map to you with my findings and suggestions.


Training in Geopathic Stress, Conflict Resolution and Financial Block Clearing €60 at Harmony Hall.