Space Clearing for your Home

Ireland, England and On Line

People spend considerable lengths of time in areas of disturbing energy such as low frequency electro magnetic waves, microwave radiation, geopathic stress and with other people who feel limited, confused or depressed. We can be unaware of it but the body reacts nonetheless, in its attempts to keep an equilibrium. An example of this may be someone who inadvertently has their bed over a natural underground waterway and is experiencing insomnia and illness. There are always many natural and metaphysical energies at play.

Space clearing is a completely effective method of healing negativity in one's work and home. People often request a distance clearing, using map dowsing, to identify and defuse the primary source of the problem. I also do home visits.

"Somehow you made mine a wonderful home again. We're also back to playing beautiful music, thank you!" SS Mayo

Home Visit €120 - Plus travel expenses calculated from Kilkenny for Ireland and Oxford for England. Includes a two-hour space clearing, with an option for you to ask me to continue or return. Space clearing includes considerable personal clearing to integrate the energies of those who live there.

Distance Clearing €100

Please send a map (hand drawn is fine, it doesn’t need to be to scale) with a list of the names of the residents to the email address or postal address below and note any particular problems you’d like me to address. I will tune in to the space and return the map to you with my findings and suggestions, when I have cleared it.

Space Clearing Training €60 at Harmony Hall.