1. Operation of Local Authority Dog Shelter and provision of dog warden services.

Mission Statement:

To develop a higher principle of operation. Including, responsible dog ownership, pet retention, care, education, rehabilitation and rehoming. To support the network of support that already exists to facilitate rehoming, homechecks – ie PAWS, Carlow Lost and Found, Last Chance, ASH, Kilkenny Animals.

2. To provide a Local Authority Horse Project

Mission Statement:

To offer classes and Facilities to teach the traveler community about care, physiology, soundness, feeding and watering basics and racing horse/pony fittening and training programmes.

3. To architecturally design and build public buildings, including a 7-storey new wing for Trinity College and other educational facilities, country-wide.

Mission statement:

To use the principles of bioarchitecture to create sustainable buildings, with designs that help get past black and white thinking and reflect shapes in Nature that facilitate life itself. An example of our principles is Dreamfields in County Laois, by architect Michael Rice. See photo.

4. Dog Foods for Prison Service Dogs

For this we are presenting Benevo, a vegetarian, organic pet food provider.

Mission Statement:

To provide plant-based food of quality ingredients, rather than scrapings off the factory floor. To provide a balanced feed, with herbs included, to reduce the smell of excrement. To provide a feed that facilitates healthy and highly trainable dogs, while minimizing aggression.

Bright Ideas Competition by KBC Bank, in May 2015.

Healing by Franc made the following seven entries:

Magnet Technology – Prototypes of full range: Mobile, Household and Commercial

Develop magnet technology – Business plan and design complete already Each person can buy one, no need for grid for remote places

Water Exchange – Logistics/Partnerships fostered

Twin towns in Ireland with areas in countries where there’s drought – exchange fresh water for natural sweetener, restore soil alkalinity and health. Cultivate a spirit of global community, empathy and mutual contribution.

Self Sufficiency Centre – water turbine/off grid

Inner Sustainability - Offer Confidence training and recovery courses, advocacy Outer Sustainability – Organic Growing and care, build your own generator, water and wind. Build your own sheltered growing space.

Community Radio, Website and Newspaper

Good news Radio. Sharing advocacy, skills and independent news – Each county gets half an hour every day 7am to midnight. Harmony Hall is already an acoustic design

Animal Project – Form charity/ purchase land/ build shelters and park/ sustenance for animals and Care

1) Farm Animal Sanctuary and Shelter for Pets and Wildlife

Culinary Support for People with Intolerances

1. Meals on Wheels – 7 Day Supply 2. Cooking Courses

Build Community Garden

Fully self sustaining, edible, ornamental and hydroponic garden and run courses.