Adults and Children

Most health and behavioural patterns are caused by avoiding difficult emotions. Through personal energy clearing, you can gently download all the old memories stored in your body. Once acknowledged, they lose their emotional charge and need no longer take shape as illness. We are made up of energy fields that can be accessed via many names like attachments and mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etheric and gaia fields. There are also ‘original 8 cell’ intuitions that are powerful for cellular change. From depression to eating disorders to releasing creative blocks and living without fear, this work is crucial in getting back in the driving seat of life.

Awareness and actively accepting whatever comes up become an empowering way of life where you experience unprecedented health, potential and a sense of calm and purpose.

Personal Clearing Training - €60 per hour at Harmony Hall. For one person (or suitable for friends who’d like to come together)

Resolution Plan 6 Clearings over 6 weeks - €300 6 weekly clearings

Personal Clearing On line or Phone - €60 per session

Resolution Plan by Distance Healing, 6 Clearings over 6 weeks - €300

6 weekly on line clearings. Please send your name, general location and any particular issues you’d like to address. I will send you back my findings and the orientated clearings I’ll undertake with you. Each week will include a follow up email to share our awareness of the changes as they happen.