Article from The Kilkenny Voice - April 2008


Tracy Lynch talks to Franc Micklem about her job as an energy healer and how it brought her and Windy the horse together, changing both of their lives forever. 

'Franc Micklem and Windy, both residents of Castlewarren, recently celebrated a milestone birthday with Windy hitting the grand old age of eighteen years. Originally from Coon, Windy has lived the life of a sporting horse over his years. It can be said that perhaps fate brought Franc and Windy together. Windy was first broken in by friends of Franc, Gary and Liz Davies and spent some time as a racehorse. However, a spinal injury brought an abrupt halt to his racing career so Franc decided to take him on a six month trial, that was ten years ago.  

Both horse and owner almost ran away with the circus, or the horse equivalent, The Spirit of the Horse Show in Paris, after viewing this spectacular theatrical event in Dublin. The Spirit of the Horse celebrates the special bond between man and horse, a bond that Franc and Windy are testament to. However, there was always something drawing them both back to their local homestead on the ridge. 

Franc works as an energy healer which involves restoring balance to your life through removing blockages in a natural flow of energy in the body. With a degree in Theology and Philosophy to her name, Franc decided to pursue a career in communication and energy healing. What began as an interest in ancient sites of Ireland and having her house designed by leading eco architect Michael Rice, Franc went on to study the architecture and geometry involved in energy paths and people's lives. However, after attending a talk on energy healing, Franc knew this was the job for her. "It was a coincidence really" she says, "but i found it so interesting and there's a worldwide group of people practicing energy healing." Franc has been practicing energy for over six years now and also spent a short time in Vietnam with her work.  

Franc's work comes from word of mouth and involves people in pursuit of energy harmony for their home, business or even just themselves. "There might be geopathic stress which can effect prosperity or a family might have moved to a new home and there might be illness or depression there, or even a presence from a previous owner, and I can come to clear that. Someone can also be emotionally in trouble and I can help them to clear their energy fields and tie up any problems and bring them some harmony in their life." 

Franc is holding an open day in Harmony Hall, Baurnafea near Castlewarren on Sunday May 4th for all members of the public to attend. She is offering her services to anyone with an interest in energy healing or any adults, children or animals in need of energy healing. It will run in the late afternoon until evening and all are invited to attend. Franc plans it to be an informal event and hopes to inform the public on energy healing and the benefits it can have on everyones’ day to day life. For more details on this interesting day out for all the family contact Franc Micklem on 087 1370859 or email her on'