Article from the Kilkenny and Carlow Advertiser 5th June 2008


Franc Micklem, Local Energy Clearer, shares her methods of sweeping negative energy out of your home or workplace in the pursuit of happiness and serenity.

Do you feel you have no motivation, are lacking in enthusiasm or that life is not going as you would like it?

Have you just been through a negative life event – e.g. a death or divorce?

Are you moving into a new home or work place or just want to fill your current home with a positive, clear energy?

Do you work in a caring profession and sometimes find your environment difficult?

If so, clearing could be a great help. Franc Micklem shares below, the basics of how you could carry out some “DIY” space clearing at home. But before you begin, you need to create a homemade “dowsing rod” from a Y or L shaped twig and find an old necklace to use as a pendulum. You can also use salt, incense sticks (or potpourri), candles or flowers if you wish to add to the experience. It’s best to do this on your own and do prepare yourself to listen and to trust. 

Basic Steps to Space Clearing – DIY Style

1. Make sure the room you are intending to clear is as de-cluttered and clean as possible.

2. Allow fresh air to circulate by opening the windows.

3. Take as long as need to compose and focus yourself. Think carefully about what you     want this space clearing to achieve - a better atmosphere, improved sland wellbeing or     possibly the start of a more content time in your life – it’s up to you.

4. Gently swing the pendulum and ask to shake up and disperse any stale energy.

5. Lighting an incense stick (or holding a bowl of potpourri) and tracing the figure of an ‘8’     whilst walking around the room helps to define a positive flow of energy.

6. Place a bowl of salt in the room to absorb any residual negative energy.

7. Light a candle, at the same time expressing your wish for the space clearing.

8. Finally, place flowers where you can enjoy them and relax.

Bear in mind that there’s no wrong way to carry out Space Clearing and this could be the way to make your goals clearer and indeed bring your dreams closer. So, why not give it a try?

If you want to learn more about Energy Healing and Clearing, Franc is holding a Talk for all who wish to attend on Sunday evening, June 8th in Harmony Hall on the outskirts of Kilkenny. Entitled “The Field of Pure Potential through You”, Franc and other experienced speakers will explore and talk informally to the group about this intriguing topic. For further details just call Franc on 087 1370859 or (059) 9726786.