Do you know that something needs to change but you don’t know what or how? Maybe you don’t want to rock the boat of an already productive lifestyle. We offer a complete therapeutic on line service to clear your personal energy from stress, negativity or illness. We also supply space clearing for your home or business. Clearing is based on physics. It allows for the dispelling of the many signs of energetic turbulence and disturbance in both people and buildings. We use our own premises as a blueprint for clearing your environment. It is an original geometric design that provides a template to work on any property.

The initial clearing facilitates a shift in your experience and outlook of life. The IEC designs a customized package of this initial clearing and a membership to teaching and training sessions. These sessions allow clients to do the follow up work themselves. Through our meetings and literature we present a wider understanding of how energy clearing works. We offer support through our partner sites to further enhance balance in your life. This package makes a priceless gift for yourself or friends.

At the IEC we stand for rehabilitation without medication. The power of perspective is central with the premise; what we think will happen, will happen. With energy clearing, you free up your thoughts to successfully manifest what you want. This allows us to avoid the norm of casually held beliefs that hold us back.

20% of our profits go to charities in keeping with a forward-thinking vision – for example ISPCC, Greenpeace, PETA and our Irish Olympic hopeful.